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Eversheds Global Estate Management

What is global estate management

The global real estate solution

The corporate challenge

Companies working across jurisdictions find themselves working with different law firms across their estates. This naturally leads to inconsistency of service, documentation, information and billing – there are also multiple relationships to manage across the world that is time consuming and cumbersome.

The solution

One point of contact, in the time zone of your choice, for all your real estate needs. You will have one client partner who is project manager for your estate, becoming your global point of contact.

What is delivered

  • An leading real estate partner who will be your Global Account Manager to:
    • Manage your global service team
    • action all new instructions
    • ensure your bespoke Service Level Agreement and KPIs are met
    • be responsible for all client reporting to you
    • train and brief your Eversheds Sutherland global service team
    • interface with your global surveyors/partners
    • manage your online deeds portfolio
  • Cost certainty across your estates
    • innovative fee structures, including global fixed fees
    • Fixed priced agreements
    • Single billing and information reports
  • Speed of delivery
      We have the processes, people and experience to get your premises operational as quickly as possible

The specific benefit to you

‘The same global service standard, no matter where in the world, drawn together into one reporting stream to give you the information, cost savings and relationship that will allow you to focus on your core business’

Introduction to our service

We know that quality of advice and value for money are at the heart of a successful relationship. Working across an extensive office network across the globe allows us to establish large teams quickly, with specialist knowledge, experience and commerciality we are renowned for.